When Does 'Gossip Girl' Season 1 Return? The Show's Part 2 Premiere Is Months Away

After six episodes, fans said goodbye to Gossip Girl Season 1. At least, temporarily. HBO Max divided its much-hyped 2021 continuation series into two halves, and the first just ended. But Gossip Girl will return. Learn when the first season’s second half premieres and what to expect from it.

‘Gossip Girl’ aired its first 6 episodes on HBO Max

The sequel series Gossip Girl premiered on July 8, 2021. Set in the same world as the CW show of the same name, which aired from 2007-2012 on the network, the show introduced a new group of teenagers attending school on the Upper East Side. And this time, they’re social media savvy.

Like in the original, a love triangle presents itself almost immediately. And, naturally, the wealthy students at the center and their drama take center stage. However, this time, audiences see behind the Gossip Girl curtain immediately. The teachers, desperate to reign in their students and keep their jobs, take up the mantle.

The first six Gossip Girl episodes how influencer Julien’s life is upended when her half-sister, Zoya, comes to town. The relationship dynamics within her group of friends change as her ex-boyfriend, Obi, begins dating Zoya. Meanwhile, others in their circle face their own romantic complications.

‘Gossip Girl’ Season 1 returns in November 2021

Following the August 12 sixth episode, “Parentside,” Gossip Girl goes on hiatus. The first several episodes were filmed in late 2020 and early 2021, while filming continues for the second half of the 12-episode season. Part 2 of Gossip Girl Season 1 kicks off on November 20, 2021.

Creator Josh Safran commented on how things changed for Zoya, the outsider character, at the end of part 1. “Zoya being so pushed to the side of that dinner by those people is an actual act of violence,” he told Refinery29 of one notable scene from the midseason finale.

The episode also revealed more about Obi, who’s been the resident “good guy” up until this point. And it introduced viewers to Aki’s home life — specifically his dad, played by Malcolm McDowell. And Safran assures fans that there’s plenty more to come for the other supporting characters in the back half.

What the creator says to expect from part 2

The date of the Gossip Girl Season 1’s return is significant. Fans of the original series particularly loved its Thanksgiving episodes, and this iteration promises to make the holiday an eventful one, too. The first episode back includes the entire cast celebrating the sure-to-be drama-filled occasion.

After all, that’s what people are tuning in for. “In a world that we live in right now — where these rich people are not getting their comeuppance…we want to then somehow have an outlet for our outrage and anger,” Safran explained. “We want to see them go down. TV shows like this give us that ability to watch that happen. It’s schadenfreude.”

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