When does The Big Audition start on ITV, what is the show about and can I still apply?

But when is it on? And what is it about? Here's what you need to know.

When does The Big Audition start on ITV?

This brand new show kicks off TONIGHT (October 12, 2018.)

The Big Audition runs for an hour starting at 9pm.

It consists of six episodes.

If you miss any, you can watch them on the ITV Hub after they have aired.

What is The Big Audition about?

The Big Audition is a brand new series that goes behind the scenes of the casting world.

The show will witness real people being cast for real jobs, which have the potential to be life-changing.

The casting panels will be searching to fill all sorts of roles and anyone can audition, from seasoned professionals to first-timers.

The programme will uncover the decision-making process of the panels and will take you through each audition to reveal what really goes on in the casting studio.

Viewers will watch Tony audition to be Henry the VIII and Elisabeth to be a witch at Wookey Hole, among others.

Can you still apply for The Big Audition?

Unfortunately you can't apply to be on The Big Audition anymore.

The application process closed in June 2018.

Instead you'll have to put your feet up and enjoy others go through the nerve wracking audition process.

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