Where is Susie Dent and why isn't she on Countdown?

AVID Countdown viewers were dismayed not to see Susie Dent in her usual perch in Dictionary Corner.

The much-loved host was missing from Countdown today (July 20, 2021)and fans have been wondering why. Here's your answer…

Where is Susie Dent?

Susie Dent has fallen victim to the "pingdemic".

The presenter has been notified that she has come into contact with someone with Covid by the NHS’s Track and Trace app.

Host Anne Robinson said: "Sadly we haven't got Susie with us because she is self isolating, so Rachel is doing both jobs".

Susie hasn't yet commented publicly about her absence.

Why isn't Susie Dent on Countdown?

Susie can't appear on Countdown as she will now have to isolate for 10 days following a notification from the app.

She can't come into contact with any other people, making hosting Dictionary Corner impossible.

One disgruntled fan on Twitter wrote: "Watching Countdown without Susie Dent is like drinking gin without the tonic or eating pizza without the cheese #countdown"

Another said: "Just catching up on Countdown from yesterday. Devastated to see Susie not on the show as she self isolating. Might as well turn it off. #countdown"

One user wrote "Missed you on Countdown today … come back as soon as you can !"

Who is replacing Susie Dent on Countdown?

Susie Dent was replaced by presenter Rachel Parris.

She said to Anne: "I'm getting very comfortable in this chair Anne, I think Susie's going to have a battle if she comes back".

The presenter tweeted: "I’m standing in for Susie Dent on #countdown all this week on @Channel4 !

"We got this 9 letter on day 1: what’s yet to come?!"

One Twitter user took to the platform to congratulate Parris on her performance.
They wrote: "@rachelparris Thought you were magnificent yesterday standing in for @susie_dent and doing two jobs as @annerobinsontv put it."

But others were eager to know when Susie would be back on the show.

She responded to a concerned fan of Dent on Twitter, saying that Susie would be back "soon".

She wrote: "Don’t worry, normal service will resume v soon!"

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