Who was Charles Grodin's wife?

ACCLAIMED actor Charles Grodin, who passed away on May 18, was married to author Elissa Durwood.

Grodin, who was 86, lost his battle with bone marrow cancer.

Who was Charles Grodin's wife?

Elissa Durwood Grodin is a writer who was married to Charles Grodin from 1983 until the actor's death in 2021.

Writing as Elissa D Grodin, she is the author of such books as Death by Hitchcock, Physics Can Be Fatal, and The Happy Prince.

Death by Hitchcock is a murder mystery that was published in 2014.

"Physics and film seemingly have few academic features in common," reads a description of the novel.

"However, when local siren Bunny Baldwin, a student in the Film Studies Department at Cushing College, is found strangled to death on opening night of the Hitchcock Film Festival, Physics professor Edwina Goodwin puts on her detecting hat.

"Using her scientific sleuthing skills to assist her almost boyfriend Police Detective Will Tenney, the pair work together to investigate the campus murder."

Durwood was born in Kansas City, Missouri, the fourth of six children, and would attend Antioch and Dartmouth colleges.

She and Grodin shared a son, Nicholas. The actor had previously had a daughter Marion with first wife Julia Ferguson.

What happened to Charles Grodin?

Grodin died in Wilton, Connecticut, from bone marrow cancer.

He appeared in such movies as The Heartbreak Kid, Midnight Run, Dave, The Woman in Red, Rosemary’s Baby and Heaven Can Wait.

Grodin also charmed audiences as the bedeviled father in the Beethoven films.

In The Heartbreak Kid, directed by Elaine May, he starred as a Jewish newlywed who abandons his comically neurotic bride to pursue a beautiful, rich blonde played by Cybill Shepherd.

“After seeing the movie, a lot of people would approach me with the idea of punching me in the nose," Grodin would say.

“I thought the character in The Heartbreak Kid was a despicable guy, but I play it with full sincerity,” Grodin told the AV Club in 2009.

“My job isn’t to judge it. If it wasn’t for Elaine May, I probably would never have had that movie career.”

He auditioned for the title role in Mike Nichols’ 1967 classic The Graduate, but the part went to Dustin Hoffman.

Grodin would also co-star in the 1976 remake of King Kong.

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