Will there be a second season of Industry on BBC Two?

INDUSTRY has been causing a storm on BBC Two, with it's raunchy and outrageous antics within London's financial sector.

Some fans have already binged watched the show on the iPlayer, and are now keen to know if there will be a second season.

Will there be an Industry season 2?

HBO has renewed the London-set drama series for a second season to be screened in the UK on BBC Two.

The show will return in 2021, but an exact date is yet to be revealed.

Marisa Abela – who plays Yasmin – confirmed the news on social media.

She shared a selfie on Instagram with the message: “Logs on the fire, season two under the tree.”

What happened at the end of Industry season 1?

WARNING: Contains spoilers from season 1 of Industry

In the last episode, the graduates had to pull out all the stops to pursue bosses that they should keep their job.

The Industry grads’ trial run is over, and after lots of sex, drug binges and even a tragic death, their day of reckoning was finally here.

They all had to present to the board and their fate awaited them.

Later in the episode, after Eric's inappropriate behaviour, and after some persuading,Harper changed her story on him.

This saw Daria get the boot and Eric poised to return.

Yasmin was livid, and called Harper selfish and unbelievable; Harper countered and called Yas “weak and a f–king hypocrite.”

In the season’s final moments, Daria was escorted out of the building, as Harper opened the journal Yasmin gave her. The inscription reads, “Here’s to (y)our future, Love you, Yasmin x.”

What could happen in Industry season 2?

In second season we will see which graduates made the cut and kept their job.

We will see what will happen when Eric returns and how he will behave towards Harper.

Also will Harper even stay at the firm? As she looked like she'd had enough.

Her friendship with Yas will also be determined.

In season 1 things were also hotting up with Yasmin and Robert, will they finally go all the way?


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