‘Worst decision’ EastEnders fans furious as Lola Pearce star ‘axed’ from BBC soap

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The news came on Sunday night that the actress, 30, would be making a shock exit after being told her character was to be “axed” from the BBC soap. Ever since, EastEnders fans have stormed social media to demand answers as to why the actress of the popular character, who has been on the soap since 2011, has been given marching orders. Viewers have deemed the decision as something that would bring about “uproar” and questioned why another young actress was being forced to leave.

EastEnders bosses reportedly decided Lola will be killed off the soap, but the announcement hasn’t gone down too well with fans.

Lola has been a staple in the show for more than a decade after being introduced as Billy’s troubled granddaughter.

It’s been reported the character will meet an explosive end during the summer.

According to The Sun, Danielle was upset to hear what soap bosses had planned.

The character first arrived on Walford in 2011 before making an exit in 2015 only to return four years later.

Lola has grown on screens from a trouble-maker teen to a loving mother to her daughter, Lexi Pearce (Isabelle Brown). 

Fans have also been kept hooked by her on/off romance with Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick).

Just recently, the character was let heartbroken to discover her boyfriend Isaac Baptiste (Stevie Basaula) had met someone else, and Jay was quick to comfort her.

Although she’s been on the show for several years and has tackled some big storylines, it’s clear fans aren’t ready to see the back of Lola.

Twitter user @hayleyrsmyth fumed: “Getting rid of lola will be the worst decision since the deaths of R&R #EastEnders.”

@JanetWh00078432 shared: “So ashamed that EastEnders is killing off Lola this is by far the worst decision ever made. if EastEnders wants to win best soap then wake up.”

Some have even taken to messaging the soap’s decision-makers directly, with @Tashanthefirst sharing: “@bbceastenders @chris_clenshaw If your writers room can’t think of a way to utilise the character of Lola (let’s face it there’s not many young females her age left) Perhaps you should axe the writers room or suggest they do their actual job? #EastEnders.”

“For those of you still in mourning for Kush, Ronnie & Roxy and Fatboy – and wondering why on earth #EastEnders are apparently killing off Lola…” @LauJane_ penned.

@Chelaz1999 raged: “@bbceastenders You better not be killing off Lola Pearce!!! Expect uproar if you go ahead with this #EastEnders.”

@missjadie commented: “Absolutely over the show killing off Young characters. I could think of few other characters that need to go but Lola isn’t one of them.

“Eastenders need to go back to their roots big Family units, Community Spirit. I don’t have a good feeling about the rest of the year.”

Lola leaving Walford is a part of executive producer Chris Clenshaw’s plan to shake up the show with a number of explosive twists over the summer.

An insider told The Sun: “Dan was in pieces. The cull came out of the blue.

“She was not expecting the chop because her character has been a firm favourite with viewers, she’ll be written out with no option to return.”

The insider continued: “Danielle was teary but was told a number of the cast were being shown the door.”

EastEnders continues on Monday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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