Yes, I drink my girlfriend's breast milk – it's a normal way to connect with someone and gives me an energy boost

A COUPLE who appeared on the divisive Channel 4 documentary Breastfeeding My Boyfriend have hit back at suggestions their unusual bonding method “fuels the stigma against breastfeeding in public”. 

Lana Michaels and her fiancé Shawn – who make adult content together – told the audience that breastfeeding has brought them closer together. 

The pair let the camera crew record them in action, hoping to shatter the stigma surrounding adult breastfeeding and increase its popularity.

But the doc, which may remind people of the infamous ‘bitty’ skit from BBC sketch show Little Britain, wasn’t welcomed with open arms by all viewers.

After it was broadcast last night, some slammed the concept as harmful.

Raging viewers stormed over to Twitter to air their beef, with one writing: “Mothers already get abuse for [breastfeeding] in public & you make a show, sexualising it further, adding fuel to the stigma fire?!”

Another added that the show was further: “pushing the taboo that already exists around women who breastfeed their babies in public”.

Others merely couldn’t believe what they were seeing on their screens, with one person chirping: “It’s official. This is the weirdest programme I’ve ever watched, and it will take some beating!!”

Speaking to, Luna and Shawn said they can’t understand the negative reaction. 

Shawn explained: “It’s completely different [to breastfeeding in public], It’s just a normal way of connecting with the other person when we grow up. When we grow up we explore sex, and when we explore sex there are many other ways of connecting with another person”. 

He went on to say that adult breastfeeding allows a couple to connect on a deeper level, meaning they can understand each other better. 

He thinks that’s down to getting the breastfeeder’s energy as well as their milk. 

Lana added: “Women’s breasts have always been sexual. Men have always liked women’s breasts. It’s always been the case. You can compare it to feet. A lot of people like feet and have feet fetishes, which is way bigger than breastfeeding, but we don’t go around hiding our feet and not wearing sandals”.

The mum-of-two went on to note she suspects most people don’t really think so badly of breastfeeding in public, saying she breastfed her own kids in public and was rarely judged for it. 

Lana and Shawn claim proud and curious fans have reached out with nothing but praise since the show aired. 

Breastfeeding My Boyfriend couple horrifies viewers with ‘sucking’ noises

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