Zack and Whitney make a shattering discovery after baby’s death in EastEnders

Zack Hudson (James Farrar) and Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) had their worlds torn apart when they discovered that their baby had Edwards’ Syndrome. Now, in upcoming EastEnders scenes, they are set to make another heart breaking discovery.

Edwards’ Syndrome is a rare but serious condition where a baby has extra copies of a chromosome which affects the way it grows or develops.

After receiving the diagnosis, which affects around 3 in every 10,000 births, Whitney made the difficult decision to terminate her pregnancy.

EastEnders were supported through this storyline by SOFT UK and Antenatal Results and Choices, in order to accurately reflect and raise awareness of Edwards’ Syndrome while sensitively portrayed the tough decisions that prospective parents are faced with following a diagnosis.

In upcoming scenes, the pair will be left shaken when they learn that their daughter Peach’s existence isn’t legally recognised.

The news understandably hits them hard, and while Zack finds solace in the hospital faith room, Whitney struggles to cope.

They will ultimately say a final goodbye to their daughter in heartbreaking scenes.

Chris Clenshaw, EastEnders’ Executive Producer said:

‘It was imperative for us to work alongside Antenatal Results and Choices and SOFT UK to accurately present, and sensitively portray, such an emotional storyline that many parents may relate to.

‘Shona McGarty and James Farrar’s performances have thoughtfully portrayed the realities of the diagnosis and the decision making process with compassion and understanding.

‘We hope that this story resonates with the audience, and that we represent it as sensitively, and as accurately as possible.’

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