Zara McDermott reveals she had a secret boob job 12 weeks ago to make them 'fuller and symmetrical'

ZARA McDermott has revealed she had a secret boob job 12 weeks ago to make them fuller and more symmetrical.

The Love Island beauty, 24, admitted she was nervous to tell people but is glad to have shared her story with her 1.5million Instagram followers.

Zara, who is in a relationship with Made In Chelsea's Sam Thompson, insisted she always intended to tell people but was waiting for the right time.

In a Q&A on her Instagram story, she explained: "Crazy how people wanna assume the worst. I categorically have never once said 'I haven't had my boobs done' to anyone on social media since my surgery.

"I have only had them done for 12 weeks. I was always planning on talking about it! Just when I was fully healed and feeling happy and confident with the result."

The model revealed that a little bit of nip tuck quickly resolved the issues she had with her chest.

She said: "I wanted to add some fullness to the upper part mainly, so yeas in a way, but more so I just wanted them to be balanced and symmetrical!"

The process was quite painful with Zara rating her left boob reduction a significant 7.5 out of 10, while her right registered a six on her own scale.

After the op, Zara said she suffered severe itching, and while they have recovered well, they are "still a bit fragile".

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