Kevin Costner shares ‘smug’ Instagram post after divorce settlement

Kevin Costner enjoys Taylor Swift concert with his daughter

Kevin Costner has many things to be happy about right now.

The Oscar winner is fresh off his child support win and has just settled his divorce from ex-wife Christine Baumgartner.

Costner is clearly very happy and took to share a smug post on his band’s Instagram on Monday.

He posted a throwback photo of himself from his iconic 1999 romantic drama film Message In A Bottle, sitting with his hands folded under his chin looking contemplative and dashing in a brown sweater.

He captioned the post with: “Happy Monday, friends. Wishing health and happiness for all of you.”

In the recently confirmed divorce settlement, the Yellowstone actor will give less than half of what Baumgartner currently gets in child support payments after the judge sided with him.

READ MORE Kevin Costner and Christine divorce finally settled with very low child support

The Hollywood actor’s legal team, headed by Laura Wasser, a leading force of Hollywood divorces, won a series of legal court dates, including child support.

Costner must give his ex $63,000 each month for their three children.

The former handbag designer originally asked for an eye-popping $248,000 and had been getting $129,000 in temporary support.

A joint statement from Costner and Baumgartner provided to the Daily Mail read: “Kevin and Christine Costner have come to an amicable and mutually agreed upon resolution of all issues pertaining to their divorce proceedings.”

The actor and his wife of nearly 20 years have been embroiled in a months-long legal war.

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A report claimed that Baumgartner had received more than $400,000 to pay the costs of the courtroom battle.

According to TMZ, if Christine challenges the judgment “she would have to repay Kevin more than $1 million and pay his attorney’s fees for the prenup fight.”

So Baumgartner “agreed over the weekend to the terms of a three-page settlement letter.”

She has now reportedly moved into a rental home and has expressed dissatisfaction with her $40,000 per month Santa Barbara apartment even though the rental is luxurious.

The estranged couple share sons Cayden, 15, and Hayes, 14, as well as daughter Grace, 12.

Baumgartner claimed that in the home, her two sons would have to share a bathroom while her daughter would share hers “with the house.”

Earlier Baumgartner, 49, filed a request to be paid $175,057 in child support, saying she wanted their children to “enjoy the same lifestyle” with both parents.

However, she reduced that to $161,592 after a forensic accountant’s assessed: “[Kevin’s] average cash flow available for support for the two-year period of 2021 and 2022 was $19,248,467 per year ($1,604,039 per month).”

Still, her attorney John Rydell said that living a luxurious life is in “their DNA at this point,” referring to the ex-couple’s kids.

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