Matthew Perry’s heartbreaking final wish revealed after Friends star’s tragic death

Matthew Perry, the beloved star from Friends, had a heartbreaking final wish to marry and have children of his own.

The actor was tragically found dead at his Los Angeles home at age 54 after reportedly drowning in his hot tub.

A source close to Matthew has now revealed he had always dreamed of having a "perfect family" and had been looking for love again at the time of his death.

The insider told the Daily Mail: "Matthew always dreamed of having the perfect family. He wanted a wife, and at least a couple of kids. And he said he wouldn't even mind marrying a woman who already had kids."

In 2020 Matthew proposed to then-girlfriend Molly Hurwitz, however the pair split just seven months later, with Matthew lasting admitting that "sometimes things just don't work out."

Matthew and Molly had dated for about three years prior. Before this romance, Matthew's longest public relationship was a six-year-long commitment to actress Lizzy Caplan, from whom he split in 2012.

He also famously dated Pretty Woman star Julia Roberts and shared a brief romance with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Despite Matthew's many romances over the years, the insider claimed more recently Matthew was feeling defeated after a string of failed relationships. They said: "Lately the 54-year-old star has been looking for love again. But a string of failed relationships left him feeling sad and depressed, and as if he would never find that love he longed for."

The source continued: "Matthew dated dozens of women. But in the end, he always felt they were only interested in his money and his fame. And he was generous to a fault. He would shower women with gifts only to have them pack up their goodies and walk away."

Matthew always wished to have his own family after sharing a great relationship with his stepfather Keith Morrison.

He has often praised Keith for stepping up as an incredible father figure in his life writing that he "held together" his family and describing him a "lovely" man. Keith and Matthew's mother have been married for the past 42 years and the actor always said that he wanted to find a loving relationship like theirs.

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