‘Meghan needs to drop her title and really make her mark on politics – she’s the perfect candidate’

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's decision to forge a career away from the Royal Family continues after several of their projects, including their deal with Spotify, fell through.

While the couple often appear as spokespeople for causes they are passionate about, there is another career path open to Meghan that is rumoured to be a real possibility for the former actress.

A move into US politics has seen Meghan be billed as "an interesting candidate", as she has never been one to shy away from expressing her opinion – whether it was on the controversial Roe V Wade ruling or making her opposition to former US President Donald Trump clear.

While many have been quick to speak against the idea, former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond feels it is absolutely the direction Meghan should be heading.

Speaking to OK! about a potential move into politics for Meghan, Jennie said: "This is exactly where Meghan should be heading. She needs to drop her title, or at least just not use it at all, and make a mark on the political scene.

"I have always admired the fact that she is a strong, independent, campaigning woman.

"She has given up the Royal platform, which obviously brings global interest, and both she and Harry seem to be struggling somewhat to work out whether they are Hollywood celebrities or just nonworking Royals. This would give Meghan her own clear identity.

"I think she has always been a political animal, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. We know her views about Trump, we know she cares passionately about many causes, and being a senator would allow her to use the voice we know she has.

"She strikes me as a perfect candidate: fairly young, passionate, biracial, a feminist with strong opinions. I think the glove fits and she should pursue a political career if that’s what she wants.

"Americans love royalty and, even after dropping her title, some of that royal stardust would cling to her. She should go for it. And perhaps aim for the presidency one day. Why not?"

Jennie's comments come after speculation around Meghan's future plans rose again with it being clear that a move into US politics would be the natural next step for the Duchess.

Eric Schiffer, chair of Reputation Management Consultants, agreed with Jennie as he told Newsweek: "Americans are not going to be biased by titles. They're going to look at confidence and they're going to look at likability and whether she really supports and will fight for the issues that matter.

"We do know that Megan has a deep track record in fighting for the environment and for mental health, for young people and for equality, and if those issues are on the ballot, she would be an interesting candidate."

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