Police Deputy Slams Teenage Girl to Ground, Sends Her to Hospital

A California deputy was recorded committing alleged police brutality, body-slamming a teenage girl and nearly knocking her unconscious.

Disturbing footage of the terrifying ordeal was posted on Instagram late Friday night after Victorville PD deputies were called to squash a fight at Victor Valley High School earlier in the evening.

The video opens just after the deputy has hoisted the 16-year-old girl into the air, and then you see him aggressively throw her to the ground. Like a rag doll, her body goes limp.

People rush over to help her, including the photog … the girl seems completely out of it and barely conscious.

A rep for Victorville PD tells TMZ … deputies tried to disperse the rowdy group by firing pepper balls at them, but it didn’t work.

The crowd then converged on the deputies as the girl tried to seize the pepper ball launcher.

That’s when “the deputy pulled the female away causing her to land on the ground,” according to police. Yet, the video clearly contradicts the PD’s statement.

The teen was taken to a local hospital for treatment, but the extent of her injuries and her condition were not disclosed.

Cops said they arrested a 16-year-old boy for punching a deputy in the face, and later booked him into a juvenile hall due to his age.

The DA is currently reviewing the matter to determine if charges are warranted against the boy — and the girl.

Police brass would not comment on the status of the heavy-handed deputy.

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