Why is the British media so mad that the Sussexes had a lot of security in NYC?

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From most of the photo agencies we use, it does not appear that anyone got photos of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex out on the street. No paparazzi photos of Harry and Meghan during this trip, just photos of them (from Getty, Reuters, etc) during their Archewell event, and photos taken by their in-house photographer at the Marcy Lab School. They did not want a repeat of their last trip to New York, where they were possibly too lenient in their approach to the paparazzi, and that night ended in an hours-long ordeal in which they had to hide out, for a time, in a police station. Well, for this trip, the Sussexes rolled around New York with a seven-vehicle convoy and NYPD officers on site. And when I tell you that the British media is steaming mad about it… lord, what did they have planned for this trip?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry took a seven-car convoy to the World Mental Health Day festival in New York City, despite only travelling around a single block. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex travelled from a garage near the Equinox Hotel in Hudson Yards.

They took a left turn on 33rd Street, only to end up in another garage on the same road. The distance came to a total of 200 feet, however, the couple still insisted on bringing seven SUVs.

These cars were also flanked by NYPD escorts on the Manhattan streets, so that there could be no repeat of the couple’s “near catastrophic” car chase the last time they were in New York. This happened after Harry, Meghan and her mother Doria Ragland attended the Women of Vision Awards in May this year.

After the short journey, the couple hosted a panel discussion at the World Mental Health Day Festival. This was their first-ever in-person event for their charity, the Archewell Foundation.

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In May, members of the Sussexes’ security team, some of whom are former Secret Service, contacted CNN and other outlets to back up the Sussexes’ statement about the dangerous situation which unfolded over the course of several hours. The Sussexes’ private security is not made up of clowns who don’t know what they’re doing – these are seasoned professionals, most of whom have military, police or government-security backgrounds. What I’m saying is that the Sussexes and their private security coordinated with the NYPD and obviously, everyone involved felt that this level of security was necessary, given what happened in May.

Meanwhile, the British media is still straining to simultaneously find something to criticize yet also attach the Sussexes to the Waleses. They’ve settled on “where’s Meghan’s engagement ring??” Meghan hasn’t worn her engagement ring in months, and sources told People Magazine that it was being repaired. Now the Mirror claims that Prince William is very concerned about Meghan’s ring because it includes diamonds taken from one of Diana’s jewelry pieces, which William and Harry inherited. Why is William obsessively watching and fretting over his sister-in-law’s engagement ring?

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