A Place in the Sun buyers halt viewing after spotting major flaw in holiday home

A Place in the Sun buyers called off their first property viewing after they couldn't look past a 'major flaw' with a potential property.

Leslie and Clive, who have been holidaying in Portugal for years, were on the hunt for their dream retirement home in the Western Algarve. Channel 4 host Jasmine Harman was tasked with helping them find their dream home on a budget of £190,000.

The couple hoped to find a two-bedroom holiday home with a shared pool, outdoor space, and close to amenities. However, Jasmine warned there might be some compromises and "took a chance" with the first property.

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Initially, the pair were impressed with the shared pools and peaceful atmosphere of the complex, which housed over 140 apartments. However, their was one feature that Clive warned would have immediately "struck horror" in them if it wasn't for the nicer aspects.

There was a block of other apartments in front of the one they were going to view, leaving the couple nervous about seeing the view. But when they got inside the apartment, their worst fears were realised as Clive was not happy with the "lack of view" of the gardens as their terrace was overlooking other people's balconys.

Fans quickly agreed with the issue as one viewer voiced their opinion on X, formerly Twitter: "I wouldn't have Property one, I wouldn't want to look at someone else's balcony."

Another viewer commented: "Ooooh no, don't like this." Another simply said: "Nah, next."

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Leslie and Clive weren't too keen on the second property either, priced at just over £189k. They were put off by the "lack of privacy" in the garden and quickly decided it wasn't for them.

Viewers agreed, with many saying the garden was "far too open".

But Leslie and Clive did find some properties they liked. In the end, they made an offer of £172,000 on a holiday home, originally listed for around £190,000, which was accepted.

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