Emmerdale fans think they’ve figured out Tracy Robinson and Caleb Miligan’s downfall

Emmerdale fans reckon they've sussed out the downfall of Tracy Robinson and Caleb Miligan's secret affair on the popular ITV soap.

During the recent Dingle whodunnit week, where Craig Reed's killer was finally revealed, viewers were left gobsmacked by another shocker. In a dramatic flashback scene, it was shown that Tracy and Caleb had shared a steamy kiss, even though Tracy is newly wed to Nate Robinson.

This comes after Emmerdale boss, Laura Shaw, hinted to OK! and other press that an "explosive" affair could rip one couple apart for good. Fans have since taken to social media to share their thoughts and theories about the shocking plot, with some predicting the new couple's downfall and a surprising family twist.

One fan posted on social media: "Caleb and Tracy are definitely going to have a full-on affair and will be exposed at Christmas. #Emmerdale", while another speculated about a potential downfall: "Tracy is going to call Nate 'Caleb'", and yet another observed: "How is Tracy staring so openly at Caleb and Bernice like that #Emmerdale."

Some Emmerdale fans reckon Tracy could end up pregnant, leading to her affair being exposed. One fan speculated on social media: "So is this the affair that's coming up and Tracy gets pregnant? #Emmerdale" while another chimed in with: "Tracy will be pregnant VERY soon!!! #emmerdale."

But that's not the only twist fans are predicting. They think Caleb's mystery estranged wife might make an appearance, especially after Emmerdale boss Laura hinted at a "new arrival joining the show", who will cause "uproar in the village".

One viewer pondered: "ALSO as it happens, doesn't Caleb have a wife that he's separated from who we still haven't met!?" Another responded: "That's right. We haven't seen his wife, it was mentioned that he was doing all what he was trying to do to Kim to keep her in her house or something…"

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