Helen Skelton needed something ‘all-consuming’ with Strictly stint after split

Strictly’s Gorka disappointed he didn’t win with Helen Skelton

Helen Skelton has admitted she needed something that was all-consuming after splitting from her husband of eight years Richie Myler.

The BBC presenter announced the split last year, shortly before agreeing to go on Strictly Come Dancing.

Viewers watched Helen’s journey on the show as she improved week by week and managed to earn a place in the final.

Although she lost out on winning to Hamza Yassin, Helen reflected on her Strictly experience when speaking to Jon Kay on BBC Breakfast.

Jon said: “You’d been through a rough time hadn’t you? Months before.”

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She replied: “I went into it at a time when I needed something to be really noisy and all-consuming and that’s what Strictly was.

Helen praised the team on the show from the makeup department to the professional dancers as she detailed her experience.

“What a wonderful opportunity to be dropped into something so all-consumingly brilliantly, distracting and fun.

“It was the best time with the best people.”

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Sally Nugent highlighted: “As Jon said, you’d been through a difficult time, separation and divorce.

“You say yourself, someone else may go to Ibiza for a weekend or on a detox retreat or to a spa. You went on national television and danced!”

Helen joked it was a fine line between being brave and stupid and wasn’t sure which category she fell into.

When asked what she learnt from starring on the show, she admitted: “It’s good to put yourself out of your comfort zone, it’s a terrible cliche but feel the fear and do it anyway.

“You can’t prepare for what’s around the corner, so do things that challenge yourself and give yourself weird reference points.

“I look at Strictly now and wish I had the confidence those guys had when I started it, I’d go back into it in a heartbeat.

“It was the best time to do it because it took me on the biggest adventure.”

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