Hollywood stars react as agreement to end strike is confirmed: ‘Let’s get back to work’

Hollywood's biggest stars are celebrating the end of a long-lasting strike, with an agreement finally reached, with the overriding statement being: "Let's get back to work!"

Octavia Spencer, an Academy Award winner, was among the first to share her joy on Instagram. She wrote: "Who else is dancing right now? Ready to work now that the strike is over!" She also thanked the @sagaftra negotiating committee and expressed her pride in standing with all SAG members during the 118-day strike.

Mandy Moore, star of This Is Us, shared her excitement on her Instagram story, saying: "Let's get back to work, friends!" She showed gratitude towards the @sagaftra negotiators and leadership for their hard work and thanked everyone who supported the strike.

She continued: "Thank you @sagaftra negotiators and leadership for getting us over the finish line!!! Gratitude is the attitude!!

"And grateful to all those who walked the walked (picketers, strike captains, our fellow union brothers and sisters etc)."

Zac Efron, who was at the premiere of The Iron Claw, said: "Incredible, I'm so happy that we're all able to come to an agreement, let's get back to work, I'm so stoked."

He added that he had just found out about the news and congratulated everyone involved.

Alec Baldwin also joined in the celebrations, sharing a video on Instagram with the caption: "Congratulations to each and every person, on both sides, who are responsible for this great occasion."

Jamie Lee Curtis, the Oscar-winning actress, shared on her Instagram story: "Perseverance pays off!" while Noah Schnapp from Stranger Things exclaimed: "We did it!!!!"

Quinta Brunson, creator and star of Abbott Elementary, also chimed in with: "Oh, we're very back."

Daniel Dae Kim, known for his role in Hawaii Five-0, tweeted his excitement: "Woo hooo!!!! Let's hope the deal is fair and we can get back to work!"

SAG-AFTRA president Fran Drescher, who has been leading negotiations, expressed her joy on Instagram, revealing that the tentative deal is worth three times the last contract. She said: "New ground was broke everywhere."

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass released an official statement expressing her gratitude for a "fair agreement" reached "after a more than 100 day strike that impacted millions in Los Angeles and throughout the country". She added: "Those on the line have been the hardest hit during this period and there have been ripple effects throughout our entire city."

She further stated: "Today's tentative agreement is going to impact nearly every part of our economy. Now, we must lean in on local production to ensure that our entertainment industry rebounds stronger than ever and our economy is able to get back on its feet."

The union have agreed on a “tentative deal” with Hollywood studio bosses to end a historic 118-day strike.

This deal comes after the union’s negotiating committee spent days deliberating over a number of items it called “essential”, including artificial intelligence.

It followed a “last, best and final” offer from the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) – the group representing studios, streaming services and producers in negotiations.

The tentative deal will go to the SAG-AFTRA national board on Friday “for review and consideration”, the union announced.

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