Love Island’s Faye Winter: ‘I’ve had days where I don’t know where to turn’

Faye Winter has admitted that she has had days where she 'didn't know where to turn' during this year, where she faced tough challenges.

From splitting with boyfriend Teddy Soares to finding a lump on her breast in March, the Love Island star hasn't had an easy 2023 but is feeling the 'best version' of herself since getting through it.

She told OK!: "This year has been full of challenges, I just keep batting them off, I feel like I’m playing cricket or something! But, when I see things going on in the world, my challenges look pea-sized compared to some other people's.

"I have to remember that I’ve got a lovely life and I just need to keep living it and keep going – that’s the only way I can do it."

Faye continued: "If anything, I’m just coming out of this year the strongest I’ve ever come out. I know that people used to look at me and think ‘she’s a strong woman’ but, now, I’m stronger in a different way. I’m stronger with confidence, rather than before, where I was strong because I felt like I had to be."

The star was left with worries when she found a lump in her breast back in March, sharing the news in June with fans as she went for a mammogram.

Thankfully, doctors discovered that the lump was an inflamed lymph gland and was not something to worry about -putting her mind at ease.

One thing that has boosted her mental health is becoming a mum to golden retriever pup Bonnie, as Faye details her never-ending love for dogs.

"Having Bonnie, sometimes I don’t want to speak to anyone and I’m in a bad frame of mind, but I always have Bonnie. She’s the thing that makes me get up in the morning and go for a walk, giving me that time to be like, actually, 'I am ok'," said Faye.

"I want to try and not engage in the negativity because it can be so easy to do that and there have been some days where I literally don’t know where to turn to.

"But what I’m focusing on is trying not to let that mindset ruin your day or your month, it’s a bad day not a bad month right?"

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