MAFS star Georges Berthonneau reveals ’emotional damage’ in marriage to Peggy Rose

Married At First Sight UK star Georges Berthonneau has talked about "emotional damage" in his relationship with wife Peggy Rose.

Peggy and Georges spoke to Digital Spy about their time on the E4 dating series and Peggy shared a video to TikTok which showed the couple being asked to sum up their experience in one word.

Without talking to each other about their answers, both of them wrote "rollercoaster" – but Georges had another savage label to add to their marriage.

Agreeing with Peggy that it was a rollercoaster experience, he said: "It was, yeah. Emotional damage."

But Peggy did not seem offended as she replied: "Up and down. And round and round, and back again."

Georges added: "But a journey that we don't want to get off. I had a sneaky feeling you were going to write that. Because I would always say to you this is like an emotional rollercoaster."

When the couple were asked about their most difficult moment on the show, they had different answers – Georges said it was the homestay, while Peggy revealed she had found it difficult listening to the rest of the cast's opinions about her husband.

MAFS UK fans will know that Georges had a difficult time at Peggy's parents' home as they grilled him over his career as an online gamer – something that had caused friction with Peggy, who had been upset over a video of him squatting in a skimpy outfit for fans.

Georges left the homestay alone, but Peggy revealed that her mum had actually made Georges a bacon sandwich before he left and that he was now a hit with her parents.

Georges said: "Your dad buys me gifts from the boot fair, and every time I come over, your mum insists on feeding me."

Peggy added that her mum loves Georges, saying: "I'll come downstairs and see Georges watching MAFS with her."

The couple said that their relationship is still going strong and Peggy told how Georges would like to get married to her again in the future, but said that she had told him: "I feel like we've been married already."

They also hinted at already knowing about Shona Manderson's secret relationship with Matt Pilmoor after their marriages to other partners on the show both floundered.

Revealing that Georges was good friends with Matt while Peggy was close to Shona, Peggy said: "I absolutely love Shona and I hope she finds happiness…I don't know how much I can say…"

Shona has told OK! that they had kept their relationship underwraps while MAFS was still airing and said: "We have a really healthy, happy, safe, fun, relationship – I really appreciate Matt so much, it’s what I deserve, we deserve each other.

"I’m proud to be his girlfriend and it just works."

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