Stacey Solomon reacts as fans brand latest Christmas craft ‘s**t’

In great spirits as always, TV star Stacey Solomon enjoyed a hilarious chat with her fans on her Instagram stories.

Noting that she had woke up to lots of messages from fans to chat about her latest Christmas crafting that she shared online – she admitted that this time, a lot of loyal followers weren't so amused with her final results.

Struggling to contain her laugher, the Loose Women panellist said: "I've woken up this morning to a lot of you messaging me saying 'Stace, your Christmas bells are s**t!'" as she burst out laughing.

She added: "I'm laughing because I thought they were really good." The star continued to giggle through her chat as she referenced back to her latest online festive craft, which involved spray painting a children's bouncing toy gold, and painting details onto it to turn it into a large decorative bauble.

She said: "I was like 'yeah, smashed it again.' I thought I'd made some amazing Christmas bells and you lot are like 'what is that Stacey? It's s**t.' It's really tickled me.

"Look I think this is a really good lesson to learn – beauty is in the eye of the beholder, for one – clearly! And two, not every craft's a winner. Not every craft looks amazing at the end of it. And a lot of you say to me, 'ah, if I made that it would look rubbish, why do you make everything look so nice?' Well, I don't!"

The star could barely contain her giggles by this point, throwing her caramel blonde hair back in fits of laughter.

Stacey looked effortlessly stunning and comfortable in her warm knitted grey jumper with a beautiful sparkling wreath and garland from her interiors range at Asda spotted in the background.

The 34 year old added: "Sometimes they work and people love them, and sometimes they don't. I still stand by that when they're amongst all the other Christmas stuff at the front door they'll look good and they'll make sense, but to be honest I thought they looked good anyway so I'm obviously a bit delusional."

The star, who is married to Joe Swash and has six children – Zachary, 15, Leighton, 10, Rex, four, 23-month-old Rose and six-month-old Belle, plus her step son Harry, 16 – moved on to her other festive plans for the day.

"Anyway onwards and upwards. I'm shooting my Christmas collection today, which I'm really excited about," as she grabbed her jumper and cheekily added: 'Hopefully you'll like this more than you like my bells."

The In The Style Christmas Collection is coming soon and further on in Stacey's stories fans could see her speckled jumper more, alongside cosy-looking matching jogging bottoms as she jiggled along to her singing of Christmas classic It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.

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