The Repair Shop’s Dominic Chinea under ‘pressure’ as village relies on repair

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On Tuesday’s instalment of The Repair Shop, metalwork expert Dominic Chinea had a lot of people to please with one restoration which was a vintage seaside ride in the shape of a camel called Humpy.

Its owner, Cassey Simpson Ford, from Sussex, explained the camel has always been in the village she lives in.

She said he was outside a village shop before her family purchased him in the 1990s because he was such an iconic part of the area.

Dominic said: “I guess he used to move at some point? The guest said: “Yes he used to move up and down and I remember rushing to the shops and saving some money to have a go on him.”

Inspecting the ageing ride, Dominic said: “I was going to say, do you live by the coast? Because, look at the rust. It looks like all that salt has definitely taken its toll.

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The guest hoped Humpy could be restored so her little boy would be able to ride him as she has so many fond memories of him.

“Everyone’s very excited at the thought that he might be back,” Cassey added as she hoped children in the village could use him too.

She hoped he could be brightened up again, to which Dominic admitted: “This is quite a lot of pressure then, we’ve not only got your and your family’s memories but we have got the whole village that remembers Humpy.”

Host Jay Blades added: “Well it’s a first for us, having a camel, isn’t it?”

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After Dominic and other experts got to work on repairing the camel, Cassey and her son Albie revisited the famous BBC barn at the end of the episode.

She was blown away by the job of the experts and was quick to lift Albie onto the camel for a ride now it was working again.

Cassey told Dominic: “Well he looks even better than he did when I was a child!

“He really does, it’s unbelievable. He looks like he is brand new. You have done such a good job!”

Albie enjoyed having a ride on the camel and his mum put 10p into the machine to get Humpy moving once again.

Cassey said: “I am just so happy and you have made a little boy so happy too. It won’t be long before you go on there with your friends.”

The Repair Shop episodes are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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