EastEnders star left homeless and bankrupt with £25k of debt: ‘We lost the house’

Former EastEnders star Gary Webster was left homeless and bankrupt after struggling with debts and being unable to pay his mortgage.

The actor, who was best known for his role as Ray Daley in Minder and Graham Clark in EastEnders in the 80s, recently revealed that he and his wife

after building up debts of £25,000.

Although the pair are now in a stable financial position, Gary revealed it has taken them years and they are still paying off their debts today.

Chatting to Kaye Adams on her How to be 60 podcast, Gary confirmed they are now “stable” and “things are getting better”, but that it “doesn’t happen overnight”.

He explained: “Nobody gets into debt overnight, it’s over a period of time, so if you’ve been struggling for ten years it will take you about ten years."

Garry featured in TV's Minder in 1989 before entering other roles, including

in 2003. Whilst Garry was working and earning money, he was still struggling to pay off debts.

The actor revealed: “It was good money, but I was making up for the three or four years previous that I’d got myself into debt and I had to pay off debtors. This was when there were no understanding debt collecting agencies. They were knocking on the door and they would be wanting their money.

"And we lost the house eventually through that, because we couldn’t keep up with the mortgage payments. Anyone who has been through that and worried about the knock on the door or the letter coming on Saturday morning saying you’re going to be cut off on Monday – people don’t do that out of choice, it’s awful."

After Garry left his house along with his wife Wendy and their two children, they moved into rented accommodation before finding themselves living in Travelodge hotels.

Garry explained it was “very tough on the children” but that they have “always been open with them” and explained the circumstances that led them to where they were.

Throughout the hardships, Garry went on to say that he is most proud of the fact he and his wife and their children are “as strong as ever” and the effects of what they went through didn’t “sully” their relationships together.

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