Big Brother legend Imogen Thomas slams new cast for ‘copying’ icon Nikki Grahame

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    Big Brother star Imogen Thomas has accused the latest batch of contestants of copying her former housemate Nikki Grahame.

    The 40-year-old Welsh beauty entered the famous house back in 2006 for the seventh series of the reality show and came seventh place. After a five-year hiatus, the social experiment returned to our screens this month with 16 new housemates from all walks of life all competition to win the eye-watering £100,000 prize fund.

    However, former Miss Wales Imogen is convinced that some of the current stars are trying to imitate show icon Nikki, who sadly passed away from anorexia nervosa complications in April 2021 aged 38.

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    During her time in the house, Nikki was known for her dramatic outbursts and memorable Diary Room meltdowns and was invited to take part in four different seasons of Big Brother over the years after becoming a legendary housemate.

    Speaking to Daily Star on behalf of, Imogen said: "Our series was one of the best ones on the TV at the time. It was pure entertainment with Nikki [Grahame] being the main one. Everyone was addicted to watching her because she was so much fun. She made the show and she was a character.

    "I think the new housemates are trying to copy Nikki. They know how popular she was, and the way she'd have those tantrums, and they are trying to imitate her and do the same because they want the popularity but people will see through it because when they do it it's not natural.

    "Especially when Kerry had a wobble the other day, and Hallie. I was thinking 'What was that?. It really felt like it was spoilt brat-ish and just get a life. It didn't feel natural. When Nik was doing it, it was totally natural and that's how Nik was. When she had a bad day she'd flip out but then she'd laugh after it. They don't know what they're doing."

    Imogen went on to reveal that watching Welsh housemates Chanelle and Jenkins together in the house is making the think about her own experience with Glyn Wise 17 years ago. She explained: "It's reminding me of my time in there a lot especially because Chanelle is so Welsh and that's how I sounded.

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    "She's from my hometown of Llanelli and the only thing that's missing is them speaking Welsh. It's so nice and people love to hear the Welsh accent and I really like Jenkin,. The way he's talking about food is making me laugh so much."

    The 2023 series may only in its second week but Imogen went on to share some advice to the housemates for when they step foot back into the real world after the Big Brother experience. She said: ""I would tell them enjoy it and go and grab what you can.

    "I don't know what opportunities they're going to have now because some of the magazine I did are not running much anymore but lap it up, why not."

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