Big Brother’s Hallie hits out at co-stars for ‘playing it safe’ & reveals surprise housemate she wants booted out next | The Sun

BIG Brother star Hallie Clarke has revealed who she wants to get the boot next – and it may surprise you.

Hallie, 18, who was given her marching orders on Friday, said Welsh dental therapist should be axed from the show next.

She revealed that Chanelle had been "planting seeds" in housemates ears and is often caught "stirring the pot", while Noky is "playing it safe".

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Hallie said: "I think there's a few people playing it safe and don't want any arguments.

"I feel like Noky is quite reserved and she doesn't seem like she likes arguments.

"She's not very argumentative and not confrontational, she's direct but not in a rude way.

"The way she speaks is amazing but I think she's playing it safe.

"But I don't think anyone is playing a game, I feel like everyone in there is true to themselves."

Hallie said she is now ready to see the back of Chanelle and would like to split the trio up, which includes Jenkin and Tom.

"The one person I would want to leave – I don't know if she intentionally does it or not but Chanelle seems to go around and stir the pot a little bit and plant things in people's ear," Hallie insisted.

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"Like the Paul and Olivia situation when Noky came and spoke and said she wrote Olivia's name on the board.

"Chanelle had gone to Paul and said so and so…

"So I don't know if she intentionally means to stir it but she does stir the pot a lot."

"So if I have to choose one person, it would be her because it would also be interesting to see the Tom, Jenkin, Chanelle trio, with one of them gone and interesting to see how their circle ends up."

Hallie also opened up about who the "real" Jenkin is after he's often spotted moping about in the garden.

She said: "Jenkin was honest with me all the time, if I had done something to p*** him off he would tell me.

"But with him at first, I initially thought he would be such a loud character, but in the house he has been very reserved and just sits there and just watches.

"When we're locked inside and can't get in the garden to have a cigarette then he's quite irritable and can moan a lot, but he is a laugh and a vibe – these one-liners that he comes out with his hilarious.

"But immediately after he's in a mood he snaps back out of it and says a one-liner."

Hallie has also admitted that she was "regretful" after she turned the house against Zak, which ultimately led to him being nominated and evicted.

She said: "I don't think anyone is playing a game – I feel like the game-playing comment I said about Zak, I regretted so much because it was poor judgement on my behalf because I made opinions on him based on other people's conversations that I didn't hear and heard from other housemates.

"When it came out and I had the opportunity to speak to him, I took that back because I don't think he's playing a game, he's just a lovely guy."

Elsewhere, Hallie has been quick to defend her pal Kerry, despite fans slamming the NHS worker as a "bully" and claimed she has been "manipulating" the other housemates.

Crowds outside the house have repeatedly booed Kerry at the live evictions, which were heard by the other housemates.

After Friday's eviction, Trish told Jordan and Henry that she thought Hallie was given the boot because of her close friendship with Kerry.

Addressing those comments, Hallie said: "Kerry was my mum in the house and she said to me that I was the daughter she never had, I honestly in my heart feels like she wants nothing but the best for me.

"I had nothing but love from her and she was so genuine and kind to me.

"She was amazing, she was very genuine.

"When I heard the chats of 'get Kerry out, get Kerry out', it broke my heart because she is so lovely to me and it broke my heart thinking that her boys at home having to see that…it's hard, I feel for that."

When asked if she understood why Kerry has been branded "manipulative" by fans, Hallie replied: "I can't see that, I only see the good side of her.

"Maybe when I watch it back, I will see things but I don't know what to expect because I just saw the genuine side of her and nothing but love and she was honest and open.

"Even with Zak, she called him splinters and said he sat on the fence.

"So I don't understand the manipulative side of it, I never felt like she planted any seeds in my ear, I never felt like she got me to do dirty work, we just had a genuine good relationship."

Hallie was also quick to shut down rumours of a "mean girl" energy within the house – with fans suggesting Hallie, Kerry, Olivia and Paul were part of the group.

"I don't see that there is a mean girl group, I don't like that," Hallie explained.

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"However, I do feel that me, Kerry and Olivia are big characters, we are outspoken, loud and upfront, so that could be perceived in a mean girl way but we were never mean or horrible or insulting.

"We just spoke our mind and maybe that got perceived in the wrong way, I don't understand the mean girl narrative."

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