Chanelle and Trish are evicted from Big Brother house in shock double elimination

Chanelle and Trish were both evicted from the Big Brother house in a shock double elimination.

Olivia, Jenkin, Chanelle, Noky and Trish all faced the public vote after receiving the most nominations from their fellow housemates and viewers were able to vote for who they wanted to leave the house via the Big Brother app. During the live double eviction on Friday, 10 November hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best announced that Chanelle and Trish would be leaving the house.

Shortly after being evicted as the seventh contestant, Chanelle sat down with AJ and Will for her exit interview on Big Brother: Late & Live. They reflected back on breaking the rules when she spoke about nominations earlier this week and her feud with Trish where she admitted "I couldn't apologise then" because then she'd be known to be "breaking the rules" again.

When asked what she had learnt from her time in the house Chanelle said: "Definitely to have a thick skin, I used to be really really sensitive." She also gushed over her friendship with Jenkin and said: "He's one of the best people I've ever met" before saying "he's my winner."

It comes after Chanelle received four nominations from housemates Jordan, Trish, Yinrun and Noky ahead of Friday night's eviction – whilst Noky received three nominations from Henry, Yinrun and Tom. Trish received three nominations from Chanelle, Jenkin and Tom – and Olivia was given four nominations from Matty, Henry, and Jordan.

During Wednesday’s instalment of the reality show, before the housemates were invited to make their nominations, Big Brother announced that there had been another rule break concerning the discussion of nominations. On Tuesday, viewers watched a conversation between Jenkin, Olivia and Chanelle, who made a reference to the upcoming nominations.

Chanelle said: "I’ll forgive but I’ll never forget when it comes to my friends."

Olivia responded to Chanelle’s comments before Jenkin said: "Guys, genuinely just stop this conversation." As a result of what was said, Chanelle had her immunity revoked, meaning contestants could nominate her.

Meanwhile, Olivia had her nomination privileges revoked and faced an additional punishment of having to write 600 lines that read: "I must not break the rules."

Big Brother continues on ITV2 and ITVX.

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