Corrie killer Stephen Reid almost caught out but fans demand ‘brutal’ justice

Stephen Reid’s intricate web of lies began to unravel in Wednesday night’s visit to the Coronation Street cobbles, when the body discovered on the building site was revealed to be his first murder victim, Leo Thompkins.

As the police came to break the news to Leo’s former girlfriend Jenny Connor, Stephen began to behave more and more erratically as he desperately tried to cover his tracks and backtrack over lies he had told to cover up his fiendish ways.

While the police were at the Rover’s Return, Tim Metcalfe revealed that Leo had punched Stephen just before his final appearance, something Tim later suggested gave him a motive to have murdered his love rival, given that Stephen is now dating Jenny himself.

With the revelation corroborated by other Weatherfield residents, including Stephen’s own nephew David Platt, the serial killer was soon invited to accompany the police back to the station where a proper questioning about the situation could take place.

Fans at home were delighted by the new development, with many taking to social media to gleefully count down the final few moments until the sinister killer could be brought to justice.

One fan wrote: “So this is the actual legitimate downfall of Stephen now!”

A second then added: “Here we go! Stephen's downfall starts here…"

Before a third commented: “Finally! Stephens world is about to come crashing down!”

Meanwhile a fourth added: “Tim is gunna help with the downfall of Stephen, him singing goodbye when he left with the police”

However, despite the developments in the storyline, not everyone was convinced the end was in sight, with one fan even speculating that Stephen deserved a far more brutal display of justice than serving prison time.

They wrote: “OMG Stephen, stop trying to pin your crimes on a dead man!!! If anyone deserve to be six feet under it’s you!”

A second fan also agreed, however they theorised that Stephen’s downfall could actually come from a very unlikely source – mild mannered cafe owner Roy Cropper!

Taking to social media, they added: “I hope its not true but I did see a rumour that Roy kills Stephen when he finds out what he did to Carla! Will say though Roy is a super clever guy if anyone could get away with murder it would be Roy.”

Before a third added simply: "Jail time is too good for Stephen. After all this time he deserves to rot."

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