Paul moves forward with assisted dying plan in Corrie

A few months ago in Coronation Street, Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) in Coronation Street said that he wants to choose the moment he dies and wanted Billy Mayhew’s (Daniel Brocklebank) help with the act.

It’s called assisted dying and initially, after Billy expressed his opinion towards the subject, Paul changed his mind.

Aside from the fact it goes against his role as an Archdeacon – which is to celebrate the life they have left – Billy was horrified to think about Paul choosing a point where he didn’t want to live and said that the action is similar to that of putting an unwell pet to sleep.

While Billy believes the subject matter has been forgotten about, this week, Paul spoke to Todd (Gareth Pierce) and said that he wants his help with it instead.

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This difficult subject is airing alongside Paul organising a funeral for his friend, Shelley.

Shelley had motor neurone disease like Paul and died in a recent episode of the ITV soap. As well as Paul grieving for his friend, organising the funeral has once again put a strong focus on the fact he will die as a result of MND as well.

In the flat, as Billy spoke to Paul about the event, he explained that after the service, they can go home if it gets too much.

As Billy got up to go to the kitchen, Paul switched his laptop on and returned to the website that confirmed the cost of assisted dying in Switzerland, where it has been allowed since 1942.

Paul previously told Todd that he trusts him to keep his secret, but will Billy ever find out?

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